介绍一些强调句的知识,2.THAT 可以省略吗,


1、陈述句的强调句型:It is/ was + 被强调部分(通常是主语、宾语或状语)+ that/ who(当强调主语且主语指人)+ 其它部分。

e.g. It was yesterday that he met Li Ping.

2、一般疑问句的强调句型:同上,只是把is/ was提到it前面。

e.g. Was it yesterday that he met Li Ping?

3、特殊疑问句的强调句型:被强调部分(通常是疑问代词或疑问副词)+ is/ was + it + that/ who + 其它部分?

e.g. When and where was it that you were born?

4、强调句例句:针对I met Li Ming at the railway station yesterday.句子进行强调。

强调主语:It was I that (who) met Li Ming at the railway station yesterday.

强调宾语:It was Li Ming that I met at the railway station yesterday.

强调地点状语:It was at the railway station that I met Li Ming yesterday.

强调时间状语:It was yesterday that I met Li Ming at the railway station.

5、注意:构成强调句的it本身没有词义;强调句中的连接词一般只用that, who,即使在强调时间状语和地点状语时也如此,that, who不可省略;强调句中的时态只用两种,一般现在时和一般过去时。原句谓语动词是一般过去时、过去完成时和过去进行时,用It was … ,其余的时态用It is … 。


(二)not … until … 句型的强调句

1、句型为:It is/ was not until + 被强调部分 + that + 其它部分

e.g. 普通句:He didn’t go to bed until/ till his wife came back.

强调句:It was not until his wife came back that he went to bed.

2、注意:此句型只用until,不用till。但如果不是强调句型,till, until可通用;因为句型中It is/ was not … 已经是否定句了,that后面的从句要用肯定句,切勿再用否定句了。


1、It is/ was … that … 结构不能强调谓语,如果需要强调谓语时,用助动词do/ does或did。

e.g. Do sit down. 务必请坐。

He did write to you last week. 上周他确实给你写了信。

Do be careful when you cross the street. 过马路时,务必(千万)要小心啊!

2、注意:此种强调只用do/ does和did ,没有别的形式;过去时用did ,后面的谓语动词用原形。




e.g. You cannot eat your cake but have it.(it代替前面的cake)

Although we cannot see it, there is air all around us. (it代替后面的air)

They say he has left town, but I don’t believe it. (it代替前面They…town分句中的情况)


e.g. Yesterday we saw a big tree. It was fully twenty metres high. (it代替前面的tree)

The baby cried because it was hungry. (it代替前面的baby)


e.g. —- Someone is knocking at the door, Peter. —- Who is it? —- It’s me.

—- Who are singing? —- It is the children.

—- The light is still on in the lab. It must be the third-year students doing the experiment.


e.g. —- Do you still have the bicycle? —- No, I have sold it.


—- Is this knife yours? —- No. It is Xiao Zhang’s. Mine is the one on the desk.


e.g. The climate of South China is mild(温和的); I like it very much.(it指the climate of South China)

The climate of South China is much better than that of Japan.(that指the climate)



It is fine (rainy, windy, etc.).

It is noon.

It is a half hour’s walk to the factory.

It is eighteen square metres in area.

What does it matter?


用以帮助改变句子结构,使句子的某一成分受到强调。”It is (was) + 所强调的成分 + that (who) + 其它成分。”在这个句型中,it本身没有词义。详见”一、强调句”。


为了使句子平衡,常采用形式主语(或宾语)it ,而把真正的主语(或宾语)置于句子后面。通常引导词it与它所代娴木渥映煞种屑湟 杏心承┐省?


e.g. It takes half an hour to go there on foot.(It与to go there on foot之间夹有takes half an hour四个词)

We thought it strange that Mr Smith did not come last night. (it与that从句中间夹有 strange)


e.g. You may depend on it that they will support you.(因为介词on之后一般不直接接that引导的宾语从句。注意:it不是多余的,不能当作错句)


1. My bike is missing. I can’t find ____ anywhere.

A. one B. ones C. it D. that

2. —- Who’s that? —- ____ Professor Li.

A. That’s B. It’s C. He’s D. This’s

3. ____ was Jane that I saw in the library this morning.

A. It B. He C. She D. That

4. —- Have you ever seen a whale alive? —- Yes, I’ve seen ____.

A. that B. it C. such D. one

5. The color of my coat is different from ____ of yours.

A. this B. that C. it D. one

6. ____ will do you good to do some exercise every morning.

A. It B. There C. Those D. You


对于that,有时可以省略。比如在it’s *** that(who)中






一,强调句型的强调部分必须是对 that / who 之后句子的某一成分表示强调,如果把

“It is (was)…that “去掉,该句应该意思完整,不缺任何句子成分:

1. Is it _____ who wants to see you.

A. him B. he C. his D. himself

2. It was _____ who respected all their teachers.

A. them B. their C. they D. themselves

3. — What is Mary

— Was it _____ that you were referred to

A. he B. she C. her D. they

4. It _____ Mike and Mary who helped the old man several days ago .

A. was B. are C. were D. had been

5. It _____ at Christmas that John Smith gave Mary a handbag.

A. must have B. will be C. might have been D. may have had

6. —Was that new school master who walked by

— _____.

A. It must be that B. It must have been

C. He must be D. This must have been

【题解】强调部分如果是人称代词,应根据句子需要选择它的主格或宾格形式:如第⒈ ⒉⒊ 小题.注意谓语动词形式与整个句子语境的一致性:如第⒋⒌ ⒍ 小题.


7. _____ electricity plays an important part in our daily life

A. Why was it that B. Why is it that C. Why is it D. Why it is that

8. Who was it _____ wanted to see me just now

A. that B. who C. when D. when

9. _____ you met the foreigner from Canada

A. Where it was that B. Who it was that

C. Where was it that D. Where was that

【题解】强调部分为疑问代词或疑问副词时,该强调句句型结构与特殊疑问句句型相 同,即:”疑问词 + 一般疑问句”

三,强调部分为 ” not … until ” 句型:

10. It was not until late in the evening _____ her husband arrived home .

A. which B. when C. that D. how

11. It was not until 1920 _____ regular radio broadcasts began.

A. which B. when C. that D. since

12. It was not _____ she took off her dark glasses _____ I realized she was a famous film star.

A. when ; that B. until ; that C. until ; when D. when ; then

【题解】注意 ” not … until ” 句型的变化.比较下列三个句子:

She didn’t remember her appointment with the doctor until she had arrived home.

It was not until she had arrived home that she remembered her appointment with the doctor.

Not until she had arrived home did she remember her appointment with the doctor.


13. I can’t quite remember _____ you started doing the work .

A. that it was when B. when it was that C. when was it that D. that was it when

14. She wants to know if it is 600 miles an hour _____ the newest plane can go.

A. which B. that C. when D. on which

15. Was it _____ he was seriously ill that he didn’t come to school yesterday .

A. although B. that C. because D. since

16. It was only when I reread his poems recently _____ I began to appreciate their beauty .

A. until B. that C. then D. so

17. _____ he came back home that we knew what had happened .

A. When it was B. It was when C. Was it when D. When was it

18. It was the training _____ he had as a young man _____ made him such a good engineer.

A. what ; that B. that ; what C. that ; which D. which : that

19. It was _____ he said _____ disappointed me at that time.

A. what ; that B. that ; that C. what ; what D. that ; what

【题解】当强调部分为从句或含从句的短语时,应首先确定它在句子中的作用.第⒔ ⒕ 小题为宾语从句;第⒖ ⒗ ⒘ 小题为状语从句,此时不能对 for, as , since , although 引导的从句表示强调; 第 ⒙ 小题的强调部分又被一个由 which 引导的定语从句修 饰; 第⒚ 小题的强调部分则为 what 引导的主语从句.


20. It was through Jack _____ Mary got to know Bob .

A. who B. whom C. how D. that

21. It was _____ great care that they did the job. A. for B. about C. with D. in

22. It was on October 1st 1949 _____ new China was founded .

A. which B. when C. as D. that

23. Was it in this palace _____ the last emperor died

A. that B. in which C. in where D. which

24. It was the school gate ______ I met an old friend of mine after class .

A. that B. which C. where D. why

【题解】强调部分为介词短语时,①应特别注意能引起误解的干扰选项,如第20小题; ②表示时间或地点时,应注意与定语从句的区别,如第24小题.

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